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Author Topic: Red Star - Olympiacos | UCL group match 2  (Read 1558 times)

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Re: Red Star - Olympiacos | UCL group match 2
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I was too upset to post anything on Tuesday. After looking at our situation with a clearer head, it's not as doom and gloom as many have made it out to be.

First, this is our first loss of the season in all competitions. It's a shame that it came to Red Star, but that's still impressive for us.

Second, the lineup that Martins started kept Red star from getting a shot for a whole half and kept them from getting a shot on target for 60 minutes. The red card messed the game plan up, not Martins's tactics. Should we have been able to put more goals in if we had started our best players? Yes, but the game plan was successful until Benzia mucked it up.

Third, third place was always the more realistic expectation of this campaign. I doubt Red Star will have much success against the likes of Bayern and Tottenham(even in their shit form). If we manage a point against Bayern at home and beat Red Star at home, we still get 3rd place. That objective is still attainable.

As far as player performances:

Benzia did himself no favors. He has been questionable in his substitutions and made a terrible decision. Like it or not, he made a clear foul and was on a yellow. He made a foul earlier in the half as well. He was not careful nor smart. I also don't see how he's a #10. He's more comfortable sitting deep and has a nice long ball. He's not a fortounis or a valbuena that can take players on or link up with the wingers.... He's much better as a #6.

Meriah has had 3 games in a row with a bad mistake that has led to a goal. The excuses for the first two were that we played him too much with no rest. Well, he had a long rest and he still made the same stupid mistakes that led to a goal. When CIsse is healthy, he needs to start. And I'd be looking to Ba more as well, especially after his performance against Lamia.

The exclusion of Soudani in Europe is also very questionable. He has had solid performances for us in both the #10 and on the wing. He gets into position, scores goals and creates for others.

Torosidis had a few decent plays and crosses for us, but he is so lacking defensively. His game hasn't aged well. Unfortunately, Gaspar has been injured. I believe if he were healthy he would have started.