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Author Topic: Transfers & Rumours  (Read 361179 times)

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Re: Transfers & Rumours
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Kasami was released from his contract and is an available free agent. This would be a very appealing low risk with potential high reward signing.

Lazaros and Mor look to be gone when the official transfer season starts. Lazaros hasn't fulfilled the required amount of games played for renewal and Martins doesn't appear interested in his services. Mor is also not of interest to Martins.

Ba is seeing interest from other teams from France and England. We will be locking him down.

Guilherme will be getting an early contract renewal for around 3 years.

Omer renewal continues to be up in the air. It looks like he has sent his final offer in the form of his demands. Since we do not have a backup, nor do we have an alternate in mind, we will most likely accept.

Personally, I would have rather tested the market given how his performances have been. I can't rationalize paying him over 2 million a year.....